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David Gottfried
David Gottfried
CEO, Regenerative Ventures President and Founder, US and World Green Building Council
 “My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mythic Paint for our Platinum Leed certified home renovation. The paint was easy to apply and did not off-gas and the color choices were fabulous.  We used Mythic Paint for the interior of our house to protect our home’s air quality, and for the exterior of our house to protect the air quality of the planet we all live on.”
David Bromstad
David Bromstad
Color Splash - HGTV
 “With Mythic Paint brilliant colors and high performance is all you get.  Thankfully, it’s all I want.”
“Many people are afraid of color. They stick with the beige because it is safe.  My new color line for Mythic Paint is designed to blend well – so any of the colors, in any combination, will look great together.  Give it a go – you have nothing to lose but the beige.”
“Your home is an expression of your personality and is the environment that you feel happiest in.  Celebrate your home with the brilliant colors, and zero toxins of Mythic Paint.”
“Color is the root of all great design.  And with Mythic Paint’s high performance guarantee and zero toxins, the only thing you need to worry about is which of the countless colors you are going to choose.”
Thomas B.Maher
Thomas B.Maher
CEO Hibiscus Children’s Center
 "Mythic Paint kindly provided us with a large contribution of their product, with which we painted a group home.  The volunteers who painted were amazed by the lack of odor, and surprised by how easy it was to use and how quickly it dried. The color was very pleasing, and we are delighted with the outcome.
We feel extremely lucky to have found a partner in such an ethical company, and are very happy to be able to use a product that will not off-gas toxins into the air that the children breathe."
Cynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley
American Fashion Designer
 “It is important to me to use products that are safe for our environment and our own health.  But ultimately I want my showroom to look gorgeous and stay that way for a long time.  That’s why I was chose Mythic."
Randy Divine
Randy Divine
 We would like you to know how pleased and impressed we are with Mythic Paint after using it to paint our Animal Hospital.  We used Mythic Paint for a number of reasons; first, we are unable to empty our facility for painting without major interruption to our business. Therefore the very low odor, zero-vocs and zero toxins in Mythic Paint allowed us to paint without disturbing the hospitalized animals; and the color and coverage is amazing. 
     All animals are highly sensitive to paint toxins and VOCs, experiencing respiratory, and/or toxin related disease after exposure to unsafe paint, therefore we highly recommend Mythic Paint to our clients to ensure that their home is completely safe for their beloved pets.
Redding California Haven Humane Society (RCHHS)
Redding California Haven Humane Society (RCHHS)
Mythic Paint Comes to the Rescue of a Californian Humane Society

When the Redding California Haven Humane Society (RCHHS) needed to update their facility with a fresh coat of paint they faced a conundrum. How could they paint the kennels without moving all their ‘guests’ and still make sure that the new paint fumes didn’t affect the animals? Mythic Paint to the rescue! The Humane Society, which has been looking after Redding’s lost and lonely pets for more than 50 years, aimed to make the kennels look warm and inviting while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the animals.

Since the project was designed to be conducted in waves, the Haven Humane Society recruited many wonderful volunteers to help paint the kennels in a blue, yellow and green color scheme. The first phase, which was recently completed, was to paint the lower portions of the kennels, and the group is looking forward to painting the top portions by the end of the summer. Although the society wanted to make the kennels look more inviting, the main priority is always to keep the animals safe. For this reason, the RCHHS chose Mythic Paint for the project. Mythic Paint only creates nontoxic, zero voc paint that is not only highly durable with very low odor, but is also available in any color perfect for not only pets and people but for the Earth as well.

“The first phase was a huge success for everyonesaid Dr. Ray of RCHHS, we can complete this project in a timely manner without having to worry about exposing the animals to hazardous materials.”

The painting of the kennels became a party affair with volunteers and their kids all pitching in to make the animals’ home as cozy as possible. Even the local television stations came out to film some of the action.

RCHHS is delighted with the quality and low odor of Mythic Paint and have committed to paint the interior building and their ‘people’ offices too.

To learn more about Mythic Paint or to let us know about your story, please check us out at
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